Marks and Spencers

Prize Draw Previous Winners

The previous winners of the prize draw are in the below table:

Month Store
December 2021 M&S Kilmarnock
December 2021 M&S Leicester Thurmaston Simply Food
December 2021 M&S Watford
December 2021 M&S Nottingham Giltbrook
December 2021 M&S Shirley Southampton Foodhall
December 2021 M&S Castlepoint
December 2021 M&S Chester
December 2021 M&S Bracknell
November 2021 M&S Hazel Grove Simply Food
November 2021 M&S Manchester
November 2021 M&S Basingstoke
November 2021 M&S Stratford City London
November 2021 M&S St Pancras Main Rail
November 2021 M&S Meadowhall
November 2021 M&S Colchester Hospital
November 2021 M&S Bluewater
October 2021 M&S Braehead
October 2021 M&S Woolwich Simply Food
October 2021 M&S Lowry Salford Quays Outlet
October 2021 M&S Pudsey
October 2021 M&S Southport
October 2021 M&S Aylesford Simply Food
October 2021 M&S Havant
October 2021 M&S Cirencester Simply Food
October 2021 M&S Cambridge
October 2021 M&S Wednesbury Simply Food

You can read the prize draw T&Cs here.

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