Marks and Spencers

Prize Draw Previous Winners

The previous winners of the prize draw are in the below table:

Month Store
October 2022 M&S Bracknell
October 2022 M&S Ellesmere Cheshire Oaks Outlet
October 2022 M&S Berwick-Upon-Tweed Simply Food
October 2022 M&S Irvine Simply Food
October 2022 M&S Westwood Cross
October 2022 M&S Truro Lemon Quay
October 2022 M&S Rayleigh Simply Food
October 2022 M&S Gyle
September 2022 M&S Livingston
September 2022 M&S Port Glasgow Simply Food
September 2022 M&S Lisburn
September 2022 M&S The Maltings, Newark
September 2022 M&S Hempstead Valley
September 2022 M&S Salisbury
September 2022 M&S Perth
September 2022 M&S Royston Food Hall
September 2022 M&S Metro Centre
September 2022 M&S Ashton Moss
August 2022 M&S Cheshire Oaks
August 2022 M&S Douglas
August 2022 M&S Chichester
August 2022 M&S Vangarde Monks Cross York
August 2022 M&S Edinburgh Waverley Rail
August 2022 M&S York
August 2022 M&S Liverpool
August 2022 M&S Norwich
August 2022 M&S Crystal Peaks Sheffield

You can read the prize draw T&Cs here.

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